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A lot of people I know plays World of Warcraft. I don’t. Yet, I can’t help but be amazed at how successful this MMORPG behemoth has become. Especially the clever and unusual ways it has been marketed and tied into pop culture.

World of Warcraft has been featured on everything from credit cards, to an episode of South Park, to SAT preparation study guides. It’s even on the seminal comedy Office Space and a series of offbeat Chinese segments widely circulated on the Internet.

Now, Mr. T, William Shatner and soon Verne Troyer will be in a series of WoW commercials featuring celebrity testimonials. Check out the first two ads below.



Microsoft and Activision are giving Xbox 360 owners something truly to be thankful for today: the Halo theme (MJOLNIR Mix edition) is coming to Guitar Hero III. The theme was written, composed and performed by Martin O’Donnell and Michael Salvatori, with Grammy Award winner Steve Vai contributing his unique brand of flashy guitar fanciness. Best of all, it will cost you zero Microsoft points.


With their World Tour in a few weeks, The Spice Girls are kicking their promotions off with a new 2007 Christmas commercial for Tesco Stores. Followed by having the latest CDs to be sold at Victoria’s Secrets and then a spot for Marc Jacobs. It seems girl power still has some maketing muscle!

How do you market the second best-selling pharmaceutical product in Saudi Arabia? That might sound like an uphill, if not impossible task. Fortunately, a dose of creativity can help penetrate any market. Check the video out!

The guys over at CollegeHumor has done it again. See what happens when we take a look into the lives of the Street Fighter combatants 10 years later.

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One of this fall’s most anticipated game, Assassin’s Creed’s producer Jade Raymond talks about her increasing popularity and of course her amazing game launching November 13th in the US and 15th in Canada. The video includes some new Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 footage of the game, as well as insight into the game’s “twist” at the 3:15 mark. Possible spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned.


This is a brilliant piece of packaging that Danish strategic design firm Goodmorning Technology recently made for Widex high definition hearing aids. While the technique is not new — having printed bands on a semi-translucent plastic sleeve around the box to create an animated illusion — the packaging visually enabling the hard of hearing customer to see a moving soundwave in action as the user pulls out the case for the hearing aid.

In fact, Goodmorning paid so much attention to detail that the graphics for this raster effect actually ‘pronouce’ out Widex’s slogan “High Definition Hearing”. Amazing.


The mascot war has officially begun. After years of petitioning and pleas swept across the net, fans can now rejoice as Sega’s blue hedgehog is finally taking on Nintendo’s Italian plumber this December in Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Wii. So not only can the two famous mascots duke it out on the track, but now they can get physical. Can Tails be far behind?

The Sony Bravia campaigns are my favorite in terms of both creative scope and scale of each ad. The first being the thousands of bouncy balls in San Francisco, the second being the paint explosion in Glasgow and now, the Play-Doh bunnies are invading New York City. The long awaited Sony Bravia Play-Doh ad directed by Frank Budgen and Darren Walsh is finally finished.

If you’re a local resident, you may have noticed hundreds of bigger than life bunnies all around the city. It’s nice to see the final result after all the hard work. Well done Sony.


From the same people that brought us the addicting game of Guitar Hero, comes this new music packed goodie. Rock Band.

Watch the Trailer by Passion Pictures’ director Pete Candeland.

And it’s official, Rock Band will be $170 for Xbox 360 and PS3 and release Nov. 23. Yes, it’s Black Friday. The PS2 version will release Dec. 10 for $160. The bundle includes the game (reg. $60, $50 on PS2), the guitar (reg. $60, but wired on Xbox 360, wireless is separate and $80), the wired drums (reg. $80), and wired microphone (reg. $30).