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Reebok created a commercial with the only undefeated team in NFL history, the 1972 Miami Dolphins. The ad features the ’72 Dolphins players receiving a rather ‘perfect’ gift from the NY Giants. Definitely a wonderful day in the neighborhood.

The behind-the-scene footage:

The unreleased version in case the Patriots did accomplished the perfect 19-0 season.



Beautiful. Striking. Amazing. Those are a few words that pop up in my head when I first saw these screenshots of the next iteration of the Street Fighter legacy. These watercolored-styled pictures are a sight to behold, but seeing it in action is simply jaw dropping. Check out Gamevideo’s first look into what could be the best game in the series.


Some say it’s an ad, others say it was real and made into an ad, either way it’s the most amazing serve I have ever seen.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Bill Gates is awesome! It’s very kind and hilarious video, and it’s nice to see that this man hasn’t lost ability to laugh on himself, even with all those money he have.

With leaving of Bill Gates we lose whole epoch of IT, we will always remember you, Bill… even if BOB was your idea 🙂

Don’t mind the FutureShop ad, it’s the cleanest and most audible version I can find.

Speak to your kids about cooties…before cooties speaks to them first.

I’m warning you, this is one hell of an R-rated red band trailer for Harold & Kumar 2: Escape from Guantanamo Bay. There’s bare ass nudity, excessive language, and foul content that you will only ever see in Harold & Kumar, including plenty of Neil Patrick Harris.

We’ve seen cars that can partially park itself thanks to Lexus, but how about a car that drives itself at 100+ km/h? Apparently, BWM has achieve this amazing feat of engineering by having the car ‘learn’ and ‘remember’ the track once the car has been drove once around the circuit. The boys over at Top Gear were lucky enough to puts this car to the test.


When they are not answering your tech support questions most Indian people spend their free time choreographing large multi-person dances and filming really cool music videos. Thanks Em.

blog, blog, blog it all
blog it if it’s big or small

…blog even if you’re wrong
won’t you blog about this song?

With lyrics like that, how can I not blog about this “insightful” video.


Continuing with the success and creativity of Sony’s Bravia series of commercials, is this quality spot for the new range of Walkman products by Sony. From the minds of Sam Akesson and Tomas Mankovsky is the ad entitled “Music Pieces” with the tagline “music. like no other.”

Takes 128 musicians and give them all only one note to play, and what you get is one complete piece of original music composed by Peter Raeburn.

Along with the advert is a behind-the-scenes film that shows a rather organized and patient “orchestra” waiting their turn to practice.

Sony is also trying to bring this to life with an online project getting people to play just one part of the track, then mixing them together to create ‘complete’ versions performed by four artists in different places.

Check out the ad and making of videos after the jump.

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