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Rogers spokesperson Keith McArthur (@keithmcarthur) is tweeting Roger/Fido iPhone details:

The Tweetrelease:

  • Both Rogers Wireless and Fido will offer iPhone 3GS starting June 19.
  • Rogers/Fido pricing is $199 for 16GB iPhone 3GS; $299 for 32GB iPhone 3GS on a three-year voice and data plan.
  • 8GB version of the iPhone 3G will drop to $99 on June 19 at Rogers and Fido with a three-year voice and data plan.
  • Rogers is reintroducing the $30/6GB data plan for iPhones effective tomorrow, June 9. Offer available for a limited time.

Globe & Mail

UPDATE from Keith McArthur:

Hey there. I’m with the communications team at Rogers. I can confirm that existing customers will be able to tether if they upgrade their operating system and have a data plan of at least 1GB.

There will also be a no-contract price for customers who want to upgrade before they are eligible for a hardware upgrade subsidy.

Rogers just announced the latest news concerning those who owned an iPhone prior to September 2008 and planning on upgrading to the new iPhone 3GS.

The no-term price at both Rogers and Fido is $699 for the 16GB 3GS and $799 for the 32GB 3GS

Rogers is offering all Rogers Wireless customers who bought an iPhone in 2008 a minimum savings of $250 savings off the no term price.

Rogers Wireless customers who bought the device before Sept 30, 2008 and spend $99 a month get a $500 savings off no term price.

Rogers Wireless customers who aren’t eligible for these promotions can buy the 3GS at our cost ($680/$780) at for a limited


As many Canadians knew by now that the previously leaked Rogers plan for the iPhone was nothing but a hoax. Rogers officially released their iPhone plans last Friday, and since then many Canadians are livid over the ridiculous rates being offered. Petition sites like has more than 36,000 signatures as of this post and shows that many potential customers are not willing to let Rogers get away with it.

At the Cannes Film Festival, Lionsgate revealed the teaser poster for Oliver Stone’s upcoming George W. Bush biopic, W. The poster gives a straight edged, satirical, honest look at the life and times of a man that once uttered the words:

I call upon all nations to do everything they can to stop these terrorist killers. Now, watch this drive.

It’s amazing people actually voted for this guy… twice.

Official Plot Synopsis: Whether you love him or hate him, there is no question that George W. Bush is one of the most controversial public figures in recent memory. In an unprecedented undertaking, acclaimed director Oliver Stone is bringing the life of our 43rd President to the big screen as only he can. W takes viewers through Bush’s eventful life — his struggles and triumphs, how he found both his wife and his faith, and of course the critical days leading up to Bush’s decision to invade Iraq.

W stars Josh Brolin as George W. Bush, Elizabeth Banks as Laura Bush, James Cromwell as George Herbert Walker Bush, Academy Award® winner Ellen Burstyn as Barbara Bush, Thandie Newton as Condoleezza Rice, Jeffrey Wright as Colin Powell, Scott Glenn as Donald Rumsfeld, and Ioan Gruffud as Tony Blair.


TripAdvisor has bought the Facebook Application “Where I’ve Been” for a price tag of $3 million dollars, and is the first seven-figure acquisition.

With over 2.3 million users, ‘Where I’ve Been’ is a popular Facebook Platform app that allows users to share where they have been around the world through their online profiles. So if you do the math, that’s practically $1.30 per user.



Bundles of cash have mysteriously been appearing across Japan from an anonymous donor. Accompanying the wad of cash was a handwritten letter requesting that the money be used for training and education. Over the course of the week, similar discoveries were made in 20 locations across Saitama and Akita prefectures, amounting to a total of ¥200,000 (roughly $1600). This strange and mysterious case has been one of the biggest news stories out of Japan in recent weeks. Since the locations of these incidents varies throughout Japan and not concentrated in a single region, it’s hard for officials to pinpoint the source of the cash.

Manichi Daily News via Japan Probe


Say hello to Heart-Kun. He’s a chihuahua puppy born with a perfect heart-shaped pattern in his fur. The breeder Emiko Sakurada from Japan, has never seen a similar mark on 1000 pups she has bred. How cute is that? It’s too bad Emiko has no plans to sell the pup, ’cause I wonder how much he ‘fetch’ for on eBay. via TokyoMango


The Americans have finally reclaimed the Hot Dog Eating title after six years of Japanese reign. Joey Chestnut, 22, of San Jose, shattered the record held by Takeru Kobayashi of Japan by downing 66 hot dogs and buns in 12 minutes during the Southwest Regional Hot Dog Eating Championship in Tempe, Arizona.

Kobayashi ate 63 hot dogs, breaking his own record of 53 3/4 set last year at Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest, held at Coney Island in New York.

Chestnut, who also answers to the nickname “Jaws,” placed second in last year’s world championships, consuming 52 hot dogs.



Peanut butter is being turned into diamonds by scientists with a technique that harnesses pressures higher than those found at the centre of the earth.

I could see the headlines now. “In other news, peanut butter prices skyrocket while diamond prices hit all-time lows”


hotdog2.jpgSometimes news stories just write themselves and let the “journalists” take a break. Like this one:

Competitive eating champion Takeru Kobayashi may be forced to sit out of Nathan’s Famous Hotdog Eating Competition in Coney Island, New York this year due to a sore jaw.

From eating too many hotdogs… and he’s the hotdog eating champ!

Thank you, Lady Irony…thank you.

Yahoo News

Guess a movie theater employee was a little bored. Check out the creative signage:


At least Fiona is safe.