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Reebok created a commercial with the only undefeated team in NFL history, the 1972 Miami Dolphins. The ad features the ’72 Dolphins players receiving a rather ‘perfect’ gift from the NY Giants. Definitely a wonderful day in the neighborhood.

The behind-the-scene footage:

The unreleased version in case the Patriots did accomplished the perfect 19-0 season.



The CRTC and Canadian networks finally came to their senses after two years of “negotiating”, and have allowed iTunes Canada to start offering TV shows for download. Canada’s top television programs, a few from the US, and the NHL are now available from Canadian iTunes. Downloadables include CBC’s “Little Mosque on the Prairie,” “South Park,” and NHL Games of the Year. Each is available for CAN$1.99. It’s not much, but at least it’s something.


We’ve seen cars that can partially park itself thanks to Lexus, but how about a car that drives itself at 100+ km/h? Apparently, BWM has achieve this amazing feat of engineering by having the car ‘learn’ and ‘remember’ the track once the car has been drove once around the circuit. The boys over at Top Gear were lucky enough to puts this car to the test.




Everyone’s favorite talking car is back as a black-with-gray-stripes 550 HP Ford Shelby GT500KR Mustang in the new Knight Rider TV show. Pictures are courtesy of Jalopnik and their helpful anonymous tipster who was able to snap up these images “from inside of the vehicle build facility out in LA where they’re prepping the new Knight Industries ‘stang for Cylon-like close-ups.”



Looks like Fox’s Art/Marketing department knows what they are doing. I just hope the TV show lives up to the legacy that is Terminator.

Find out about the series, trailer and more posters after the jump.

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Jay Leno interviews Paris Hilton after her release from jail. This spoof of the ‘Larry King Live’ interview is so funny it really made my morning. Best interview I’ve ever seen!


I’m a fan of both Jessica Alba and Conan O’Brien, so how could I not post about her appearance on his talk show promoting her new film Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

Last Friday (6/15), Jessica (looking as hot as usual) chatting it up with Conan about growing up as a nerdy girl, being good looking, teary nights as a single teenager, and filming The Eye. Jessica also told Conan about her visit to a nudist community in New Mexico and how she thought it was just another episode of Punk’d. The best part is Conan’s diary entry about Miss Alba herself.

Check out the videos after the jump.

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Paul Potts’ brief performance on Britain’s Got Talent made him an overnight star, but not much is known about the 36-year-old car phone salesman from South Wales. So who is the real Paul Potts?

Thanks to Well, it turns out that Britain’s Got Talent isn’t the only stage to showcase his talents. He played many key roles in various operas and musicals throughout Italy. He also toured and trained under the tutelage of opera masters such as Svetlana Sidrova, Vilma Vernocchi, and even Luciano Pavarotti. To top it all off, he’s even sung alongside the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

After he moved the world with his rendition of Nessun Dorma, he continued on to the finals where he won the competition after his performance of Time to Say Goodbye on June 14.

Many thanks to Thoughts and Scribbles‘s article on Paul. Glad to see him make it out on top. I look forward to seeing his performance before the Queen.

Got more Britain’s Got Talent video for your enjoyment. We all heard of Paul Potts and Connie Talbot impress the judges with their renditions of Nessun Dorma and Somewhere Over the Rainbow respectively; now welcome Damon Scott and his monkey singing Micheal Jackson…

The world went to tears when car phone warehouse salesman Paul Potts sang the opera piece Nessun Dorma during his Britain’s Got Talent audition. Now be amazed once again from the other side of the age spectrum. Pretty and unpretentious, six-year-old Connie Talbot became the star of the latest round of auditions for Britain’s Got Talent.

She was a little angel was not only beautiful and sweet, but very talented and tuneful. Hope she goes on to win!