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Now if only i have €885.00 to spend on a clock, this will be it. Simply an amazing piece of design. So instead, I just stick to their $0.99 alternative on the iphone.



Who knew a baby’s car seat could be so sexy? Derived from a basic form of an egg, the Nestt by Think Thing is the Egg Chair for babies. Simple. Elegant. Surprisingly safe and sturdy. Words that don’t usually go hand in hand when describing high-end designer products.



The biggest Rubik’s cube I’ve seen was the 5x5x5, and for the past 20 years that was the biggest the cube can get. That is until now, thanks to a new technique invented by Greek engineer Panagiotis Verdes. Called the V-Cube technology, it allows the construction of an unlimited number of layers meanwhile providing safe and smooth rotation.

Check out Frank Morris solving this beast in under 7 minutes.



Not only is this the sexiest teapot ever, there’s function behind its pretty form. The arched handle is designed to act as a heat sink to keep the tea from oversteeping. This stainless steel and glass Sorapot Teapot is now available for pre-order for $50 on designer Joey Roth’s website.



Bring an old computer back from the dead this Halloween. Check out this ingenious use of a dusty old Mac Classic. With a creative use of a working computer, a bit of epoxy, and three cans of orange spray paint, you too can make your own holiday decor. Head on over to Bad Banana Blog to find out how to give life to these Macs.

Bad Banana Blog


Dubbed the Xbox mini, Ghostavel over at Xbox-Scene forums started to work on the most impressive Xbox casemod ever. The absolutely stunning Xbox mini case is an amazing piece modding, transforming the original black chunk of a system to a sweet little package.

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Can’t get the perfect morning tea or coffee? For £7.50 (that’s approximately $15), Suck UK offers MyCuppa Tea, a Pantone-style coded mug that shows all the shades of tea from ‘Milky’ to ‘Just Tea’.



Now here’s something I wouldn’t mind spicing up my living room. Designed and handcrafted by Howard Bushell and offered by Home Temptations, this Foosball coffee table is made from solid oak with a stainless steel frame and a glass top to protect the mirrored football pitch underneath. I never thought a home accessory can be stylish, fun and functional all at the same time. Definite focal point for any living space.

Offside Football Coffee Table


From shoes and designer handbags, to Viagra, cars and iPhones, there’s nothing the cloners in China cannot copy. Take a look into Popular Science’s feature article on China’s iClones and why you might even consider their work in the near future.

Popular Science


As a way to combat drunk driving in Germany, Frankfurt Taxi Services partnered up with Saatchi & Saatchi to come up with an innovative video game called The Piss-Screen that’s controlled by an interactive urinal. The Piss-Screen comes in two parts. A pressure-sensitive inlay for urinals, (where you play a game with your pee), and a game that’s displayed on a LCD screen above the urinal. The game is designed in the same style as Need for Speed and if the players’ slow reaction results in a crash, they will get a message to call a cab instead of driving home.

The effect was pretty simple, the more drinks people had, the more they had to go to the toilet. Because you will normally not expect such a thing as the piss-screen on a ordinary toilet, we and the client were quiet sure that people would remember that drink-driving isn’t a game.

The Piss-Screen is so popular that it’s been on display at Altitude `07 exhibition in KHM/Cologne, shortlisted in Cannes Lions 2007 advertising festival, and they are currently working on a prototype for the Urimat.

The Piss-Screen