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Don’t be fooled. The above shot is not Paris but an aerial view of Tianducheng, a suburb on the outskirt of Hangzhou in east China’s Zhejiang Province. The suburb models itself after Paris, complete with a huge replica of the Eiffel Tower. It clearly shows that the Chinese can copy ANYTHING. If someone else makes it, they can replicate it; and for half the price.

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The Tokyo Tower is sitting tight right now, but it will soon face a new antenna tower that’s over twice its size. With Tokyo’s TV stations are going fully digital by 2011, they need a new tower to host all of the city’s digital radio and television signals, plus a mobile TV network. The 2,001 foot-tall concrete-and-steel tower is located in the Sumida River region and doesn’t have a name right now. But upon completion, it will soon be the world’s tallest free-standing antenna tower in the world.

Wired via TokyoMango


A new seven wonders of the world were announced on Friday. The wonders were selected by a global online and SMS poll conducted by a nonprofit called New7Wonders. The new list: Chichén Itzá, Mexico; Christ Redeemer, Brazil; The Great Wall, China; Machu Picchu, Peru; Petra, Jordan; The Roman Colloseum, Italy; The Taj Mahal, India.

From the Associated Press:

The seven beat out 14 other nominated landmarks, including the Eiffel Tower, Easter Island in the Pacific, the Statue of Liberty, the Acropolis, Russia’s Kremlin and Australia’s Sydney Opera House.

The pyramids of Giza, the only surviving structures from the original seven wonders of the ancient world, were assured of retaining their status in addition to the new seven after indignant Egyptian officials said it was a disgrace they had to compete…

The traditional seven wonders were concentrated in the Mediterranean and Middle East. That list was derived from lists of marvels compiled by ancient Greek observers, the best known being Antipater of Sidon, a writer in the 2nd century B.C.

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Statue of Zeus at Olympia, the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, the Colossus of Rhodes and the Pharos lighthouse off Alexandria have all vanished.


Cheap affordable accommodation in Holland for a limited time only. These concrete crash pads by designers Gunda Wiesner and Andreas Strauss are the shape of hotels to come.

They hit on the idea of taking sections of large concrete drainage pipes and fitting them out as individual sleeping spaces for passing travelers. The three pipe-pods are grouped together in a grassy park by the Danube, in the Austrian city of Ottensheim, near Linz. The pods are docked by other amenities such as bathrooms, a bar and a cafeteria. Rooms are booked online and guests receive the door codes to their personal pod suites by post. Payment is simple: prior to taking off, just leave an amount in your room that you think is fair for the length of your stay.

This reminds me of an industrialized version of Japanese capsule hotels.