I’ve got a pretty bad vinyl addiction as of late and I’ve been digging around the net and looking into online auctions to satisfy Dunny urges. So, just when I thought I’m done collecting Series 5, Kidrobot announces an upcoming UK Dunny series titled “Ye Olde English Dunny Series” featuring 17 figures designed by top UK artists. This looks to be the most exciting series yet featuring 17 blind boxed, 3-inch figures by the likes of Clutter, Doktor A, Frames, HiCalorie x Julie West, ilovedust, Jon Burgerman, Keanan Duffty, McFaul, Mimic, Peskimo, Shok 1, Tado, Triclops and UAMOU. Personally, I think Series 5 is better, but these Dunnys will probably grow on me as the time goes by.

Take a look below at the stellar line up with all their ratios, and mark down the series’ January 22nd release date.