‘White Day’ (March 14th) in Japan is when boys give some gifts back for the girls that gave them chocolates on Valentine’s Day. Many Japanese companies have taken advantage of this holiday to market their wares. Nintendo launched their original white DS Lite on White Day causing a huge spike in sales. Even Apple got into the spirit by suggesting that men buy engraved iPods for their better halves as a way of saying “Thanks for the chocolate!”


Now Louis Vuitton Japan is now taking advantage of the occasion to market their brand toward brand conscious Japanese boys and girls with white roses… but not just ANY white roses. These Louis Vuitton monogrammed white roses are made of delicate white fabric and bears the distinctive LV monogram and symbols. This special LV rose is only available for a limited time and will cost 4000 yen each (about $35).

I guess a rose by any other name… just won’t do it on White Day.

Louis Vuitton Japan