Continuing with the success and creativity of Sony’s Bravia series of commercials, is this quality spot for the new range of Walkman products by Sony. From the minds of Sam Akesson and Tomas Mankovsky is the ad entitled “Music Pieces” with the tagline “music. like no other.”

Takes 128 musicians and give them all only one note to play, and what you get is one complete piece of original music composed by Peter Raeburn.

Along with the advert is a behind-the-scenes film that shows a rather organized and patient “orchestra” waiting their turn to practice.

Sony is also trying to bring this to life with an online project getting people to play just one part of the track, then mixing them together to create ‘complete’ versions performed by four artists in different places.

Check out the ad and making of videos after the jump.

The ad:

The Making of: