The next time you show up at an airport and don’t have any form of government-issued ID, make sure you at least have your pageant sash. That’s what Riyo Mori did on the reality TV show, Pageant Place. She might be hot enough to be Miss Universe, but she’s also dumb enough to not bring valid ID to an airport.

From the New York Post:

New York airports are now making security exceptions for graceful girls with big smiles. A tipster who saw the first episode (airing tonight) of MTV’s new reality show, “Pageant Place,” told us that when Miss Universe Riyo Mori forgot her ID while trying to board a flight from JFK to Bloomington, Ind., she convinced a TSA agent to let her through – by flashing her sash. “First she showed her head shot, but it didn’t work . . . so then she just pulls out her sash and the agent sent her through to security,” gasped the snitch.

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