For those hoping to get their hands on the Jesus phone north of the 49th parallel might get their wish in two weeks. Though marked as a rumor, an insider at Canadian fashion specialty department store, Holt Renfew will be selling the 8GB iPhone for the ridiculous price of $799. Now, before you go blasting off that Holt’s doesn’t sell electronics, they offered premium devices like the Nokia Vertu for years.

But $800!! That’s not even comprehensible. With the Canadian dollar virtually equal to the greenback, I rather drive two hours south of the border and pick one up for half that price.

Speaking of rumors, word on the street is that Rogers will not carry the iPhone anytime soon due to the fact that Microsoft bought 9.2% share into the communication giant. The powers that be in Redmond wants Rogers to push Windows Mobile into the smartphone market that’s largely dominated by Blackberries. If this is true, the iPhone will have a tough time getting into the Great White North.

[Update: Just got off the phone with a Rogers Wireless representative whom been trying to reach me for the past 4 days. She told me I could get a hardware upgrade for being a loyal customer, blah, blah, blah… and asked me if there was a phone I have in mind, like the iPhone. She mentioned that Rogers will be carrying it later this Fall with new data packages. She divulge any details of the new plans, but marked down November 4th as my upgrade date, since I told her I would only upgrade to an iPhone. That’s roughly a month away, so let’s see if this girl’s info is correct. Afterall, she could be saying all this just to get me locked in a contract for another 3 years.]

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