Check out the old Peanuts characters in their teens through a manga-inspired revival. From an angst-filled Charlie Brown to a more secured Linus, gNAW, a Fur Affinity artist, has created a series of illustrations portraying the Peanuts gang all grown up.


Some of you may have already seen my take on the “Peanuts” gang by Charles M. Schulz. Some new ones are on the way. Until then, I hope you still like these old ones.

There have been differences of opinion on how Charlie would act now. I decided to go the way of the “angst-filled teenager.”

Linus is much more secure…but still clutches a little to the past. His blanket was sized down to a handkerchief.

I don’t think Lucy would change much. Still bold and assertive. Maybe less crabby. Keeping the boys at bay but still can’t get a second look from Schroeder.


Violet and Patty were around in the early going but disappeared from the strip sometime around the 70’s.

Peppermint Patty and Marcie still reign supreme today.

I figured Peppermint Patty would hold true to her tomboy nature. Sporty and cute. Marcie would be kinda subdued and conventional in her appearance. While Violet and Patty would be trend setters/followers.


Sally still carries the torch for Linus….and Linus is still trying to figure a way to put it out.


When Violet and Patty were around, Lucy seemed to spend a lot of time with them. Usually busting on Charlie Brown.

I’m thinking about having it so Violet and Patty DID move away from the neighborhood but came back. As commemoration to their absence from the strip. These three make a good counter to Schroeder, Franklin and PigPen.

Right now they are just enjoying bein’ at the mall.

It’s amazing how the characters are instantly recognizable despite the huge translation in art style. Schulz would be proud.

Fur Affinity: link 1, 2, 3, 4 via BoingBoing