Continuing his east meets west fusion, Kanye West collaborated with legendary Japanese pop artist Takashi Murakami to designed the visual aspects for his forthcoming album Graduation, and single Stronger.


According to West, who met Murakami in his studio while on a recent visit to Japan, calls him a “God in the art world”. Nicknamed the ‘Japanese Andy Warhol’, Murakami is universally known for his colored monogram design for Louis Vuitton. Kanye, being a loyal devotee of both LV and Murakami, hit it off with the “Japanese Warhol” and the results are something that speaks for themselves.

Murakami will create all the artwork for the album singles, including the songs Can’t Tell Me Nothing and Stronger. Murakami has also created a three-minute animation for one of the songs, along with artwork for the album merchandising.

New York Entertainment