As a way to combat drunk driving in Germany, Frankfurt Taxi Services partnered up with Saatchi & Saatchi to come up with an innovative video game called The Piss-Screen that’s controlled by an interactive urinal. The Piss-Screen comes in two parts. A pressure-sensitive inlay for urinals, (where you play a game with your pee), and a game that’s displayed on a LCD screen above the urinal. The game is designed in the same style as Need for Speed and if the players’ slow reaction results in a crash, they will get a message to call a cab instead of driving home.

The effect was pretty simple, the more drinks people had, the more they had to go to the toilet. Because you will normally not expect such a thing as the piss-screen on a ordinary toilet, we and the client were quiet sure that people would remember that drink-driving isn’t a game.

The Piss-Screen is so popular that it’s been on display at Altitude `07 exhibition in KHM/Cologne, shortlisted in Cannes Lions 2007 advertising festival, and they are currently working on a prototype for the Urimat.

The Piss-Screen