With the declining birth rate in Japan due to the lack of love from Japanese males, the Japanese woman are looking elsewhere for some quality time. This is where My Yes Man comes into the ‘relationship’. My Yes Man is what do you get when you mix male escorts with an English tutoring service. Females can spend time with a western man and enjoy an English conversation, go to special events, or have a dream date.

Ladies we are pleased to announce that we are now open for business in Central Tokyo.

Ever Wanted Your Own Yes Man? Ladies, it is time to stop wasting your valuable time taking English lessons just for the chance of dating the teacher. Set your goals higher! At My Yes Man English Conversation Male Escort service we put the fun back into your conversing and the excitement back into an evening out on the town. Enjoy your free time with one of our handsome, cool Western gentlemen on a dream date of your making. Our exclusive Yes Man will speak English to you while you are enjoying the finer things in life.

Take him anywhere you like, including the movies, dinner or Disneyland. You can even take him home to meet the parents…. Well maybe not the parents but our guys will say, Yes to almost anything. We will send your Yes Man to meet you at a public bar, hotel lobby, famous restaurant or even your favorite coffee shop! You can have your own Yes Man per hour, per day or even over the weekend. You never have to visit our office because we bring our Yes Man directly to you! So begin your Yes Man Adventure today! You should make reservations from 3 hours to 30 days in advance… And let the excitement begin!

Escorts’ caliber vary based on nationality, race, and physical appearances. Their price ranges from ¥30,000/hour for platinum escorts to ¥10,000/hour for silver escorts.


Anyone interested?

My Yes Man via Japan Probe via Occidentalism