Information Architects Japan
have recently updated their highly detailed and neatly color-coded infographic of the top 200 websites around the world. Everything from Google to Wikipedia to BitTorrent to Facebook are mapped to match the Tokyo subway system. Each train line is color-coded by categories, and the “forecast” shows potential growth based on their research. The digits on the bottom right signify whether they’re Web 1.0, 2.0 or 3.0. Here are some of excerpts from the maker:

  1. Google has moved from Shibuya, a humming place for young people, to Shinjuku, a suspicious, messy, Yakuza-controlled, but still a pretty cool place to hang out (Golden Gaya).
  2. Youtube has conquered Shibuya.
  3. Microsoft has moved to Ikebukuro, if you know what I mean.
  4. Yahoo is in Ueno, a nice place but nothing going on there.
  5. Wikipedia now is in Shimbashi, the place for the square and hard-headed Salaryman, like the Wikipedia watchdogs.
  6. The Chinese line runs parallel to the “share line” which starts with the main pirates…
  7. Paper info designer Tufte is right below the Federated Media, right before joining with the interactive information design circle in a 90 degree angle.
  8. “You” are in the Emperor’s palace, in the center of the network.

Information Architects Japan via TokyoMango