It’s Friday and the weekend is almost here, but before you can enjoy those precious two days of freedom, you have to run out the clock at work. So if you don’t particularly feel like doing anything productive might I suggest this time wasting checklist. Just download the list here, print it out and follow the to-do items checking them off one by one as you go along.

The list basically walks you through a wide range of pointless tasks that will not only help you kill time but will also make it look like you’re being productive, or at the least make you look busy. Some of the highlights include:

  • Stand up and silently count to ten
  • Drink a cup of coffee while looking at the ceiling
  • Pick up the phone and dial some random local number
  • Silently count to thirty and hang up
  • Go to the toilet, stay there for 3 whole minutes
  • Write “Call ASAP” on a post-it

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