Nicole Pasulka at The Morning News interviewed artist Kent Rogowski about his “Bears” exhibit. A series of photographs depicting gutted and inverted teddy bears.

Q: I love these bears so much. They remind me of my early sewing experiments. What happens when you take such a beloved and iconic toy and transform it by literally turning it inside out?

A: (…) Teddy bears are designed to be innocuous and non-threatening creatures. Inside-out the bears are still sometimes recognizable but are now much more complicated and contradictory. The seams of the bear now look like scars, and some bears lose their limbs and other appendages depending on how they were constructed. When you look at the inside-out bears they appear to have a history or a past. They no longer offer comfort but instead seem to want our empathy.

These phenomenal pieces of art will be on display at his gallery show in NYC through August 10th.

My favorite is this poor li’l guy all tubed in to what looks like a catheter or an oxygen tank.