Got 20 minutes to kill at work on a Friday? Watch a younger, Jobs-like clone explain to you the detailed features of the iPhone; especially the the settings section. Which makes sense, because what kind of lame commercial will say “wow, look at all the cool settings the iPhone has!”

More details of the messiah phone and its possible online availability revealed after the jump

  • Confirmed in-line viewer for PDFs, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel docs in email. Microsoft complained about lack of support before. This is a huge deal, even if it is read-only.
  • Turning off the phone requires you to slide your finger across the top (like unlocking it) to confirm.
  • You can rewind voicemail like a sound file.
  • You can finger-scroll through contacts using the alphabet on the right.
  • The special iPhone headphones have volume and call control.
  • IMAP/POP support confirmed
  • Typing with two thumbs actually looks manageable.
  • Limited amount of ringtones can be selected from the settings menu. Doesn’t look like songs can be used.
  • Confirmed turn by turn directions and up-to-date traffic info for Google maps.

The bottom right of the Apple guided tour page confirms that Apple will be selling the iPhone online. Since the option is still grayed out, it’s unclear whether the link will take you to the online Apple Store, to an AT&T site, or to some combination of the two. It’s also unclear how much stock will be assigned to that store, and what delays it will have compared to camping out in front of an AT&T or Apple store next week.