Last Friday marked the 50th year and the unearthing of the Tulsa time capsule. Back in 1957, a brand spankin’ new white and gold Plymouth Belvedere was entombed in a supposedly nuke-proof concrete vault along with some Tulsa town records, packs of gum, some cigerettes, a bottle of tranquilizers, a case of Schlitz beer, and of course oil and gas in case they were obsolete by now.

Find out more about the condition of the car and its treasured items after the jump.

Now 50 years is a long time. The brand new $2000 car in 1957 could easily fetch over 50 times the price if it’s still in good condition. Unfortunately, the car didn’t stand up to the test of time even though it was buried in a concrete bunker and wrapped in plastic.



While the buried car was water-logged and covered under inches of rust and years of corrosion, the items in the time capsule remained pristine as though they were put there yesterday.

The Belvedere exhibit is expected to open sometime next month.
Tulsarama 2007