Sony Ericsson showed off a slew of sparkling new cell phones today. Of the four mobiles announced, the W910 and W960i Walkman handsets are catching the most attention. They combine all the usual music features and high-end offerings of other Walkman but they raise the bar by adding a few remarkable extras.


The W960i features a candy bar design and is the first Walkman phone to have touch sensitive controls. You’ll be able to use your finger or a stylus for menu navigation and music play but you’ll have access to more standard buttons as well. In other highlights the W960i will offer 8GB of storage, an Opera browser, streaming video, world phone support, stereo Bluetooth, a 3.2-megapixel camera and Wi-Fi. Sounds familiar to Apple’s offering, except for the physical keypad and it only has European 3G, no EDGE.


Then there’s the beet-red W910, who has a few surprises of its own. You can manipulate the phone’s function through its “shake control”. By moving the phone itself, you’ll be able to skip music tracks by flicking your phone in to the right or left. You can even reshuffle your playlists by shaking the W910 back and forth and you can even use the shake control to play games. Time will tell whether it is effective but it certainly sounds cool. The W910 has a slider design in red or black and offers a 2-megapixel camera, Bluetooth and world phone support. It’s a 3G phone as well but like the W960i it doesn’t uses the 1900 UMTS band used in North America. Too bad.

Sony Ericsson