There’s a lot riding on those three little words. Especially to those financially minded Apple fanatics. So, what have those three words revealed at this year’s World Wide Developer Conference?

New brushed metal imac? Nope. The often rumored Mac touch tablet? Nada. Next generation touch screen iPods? We can only wish. While this year’s WWDC keynote was lacking on some hardware love, what we got instead was a lot of Leopard eye candy, Safari for Windows, and third party web based apps for the iPhone.

The annual event has already been covered many times over, but if you’re so inclined on finding out the details, check out Lifehacker’s excellent report. If you want to hear the words coming from Jobs himself, then the keynote address is now live on Apple.

Oh, another piece of Apple news to contribute to your Apple sickness: Apple has changed their website design.

The last time Apple changed its Web design was in 2001, marking the introduction of Mac OS X 10.0 Cheetah and its Aqua look. Today, Apple is adopting the unified look of Leopard. About time, I say.