Heroes might be getting a much hotter Japanese cast member than Masi Oka for it’s sophomore year. Riyo Mori, the current Miss Universe, told the AP in an interview today that she just went to NY to audition for a role and is optimistic about landing it.

Mori said she is hoping to devote herself to her new role — which includes acting as a spokeswoman for AIDS issues — and is also looking for a possible role on the TV series “Heroes,” broadcast by NBC, which has rights to the Miss Universe pageant.she said. “I’ve never acted before. I went to the casting audition and read a script in English and Japanese, and they said it was really good. So I hope I can be in the show.”

Mori said her role would be “Yaeko,” a love interest for one of the main characters.

This new “Yaeko” character is most likely the princess mentioned on video below, and will play the love interest for our favourite teleporter.

Associated Press
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