Meet Nathan Sawaya. He quit a six-figure job as a corporate lawyer to accept a job at LEGO-land making $13/hour to make plastic brick sculptures. Now he’s one of the premiere LEGO artist in the world and earns thousands of dollars for his original works of art. He proves that all of us who boxed up our LEGO bricks when we entered high school made the wrong choice. Respect the brick.

More pictures of his artwork after the jump.



Sawaya: “‘Yellow’ has emerged as the iconic sculpture in my nationwide art tour. I really see this piece as someone pulling themselves apart.”



Sawaya: “‘Red’ was originally titled ‘Escape’ as I envisioned this man climbing out of the loose red bricks that surround him. However, I changed the title because many people see him sinking downwards.”



Sawaya: “There are strong arguments on both sides that he is either putting himself together or taking himself apart. I like the idea that he is a self-made man.”

The Art of the Brick