Paper money is not just for spending — it is also great for origami.

The Asahi website has posted a story about “Turban Noguchi,” a popular origami made using a 1000-yen bill. The bill features a portrait of Hideyo Noguchi, the noted physician and bacteriologist who, among other things, discovered the agent of syphilis in 1911. By folding the money, you can outfit Noguchi with a turban or other fancy headgear.


Asahi credits a Mr. Nakajima, a 29-year-old Nagoya resident, with inventing the original Turban Noguchi origami technique. According to the article, Nakajima discovered Turban Noguchi by accident one night when playing around with his money. “I was shocked by Noguchi’s bizarre appearance,” he says.

Source: Pink Tentacle