Wondering what to get your spoiled niece or nephew for their birthday? How about Nothing. That’s right. Besides maybe a mouthful of oxygen this clear acrylic sphere contains absolutely nothing. And to be honest it already seems like the perfect gift for a lot of people I know. Even the packaging is simple black and gray text on a stark white cardboard that explains to the receiver that they have indeed just got absolutely Nothing as a gift.

And while the Nothing part might be free the packaging will apparently set you back about $6.28 from I Want One Of Those. That’s right, someone, somewhere is swimming in a pile of money because they thought of the idea to sell Nothing. I know what my friends are getting from me for Christmas this year.

Read the fine print after the jump.

Check out the gift in detail:

Nothing – for the person who has everything


You have received the gift of nothing. Absolutely nothing. This is the ultimate in minimalism. Less is more, more or less.

Nothing is precious. Nothing is simple. Nothing is sacred.

Open the pack and be enthralled when nothing happens. Allow nothing to flow through your mind and clam your soul. Savour the moment. Soon you’ll discover that nothing really is so much better than something.

The gift of nothing is yours to discover…

Source: I want on of those