Calvin Klein is targeting the young blogging and text messaging Internet generation with a new fragrance called CK in2u. Designed by Stephen Burks, the bottle is made from the same materials – white plastic and glass – recognizable in an iPod. The name is written in the shorthand of an instant message, “a casual invitation to sex so immediate as to imply there was no time to spell it out: in to you.” Does CK really think that by sexing up an ipod with a lame sexual invite they can gain our attention? Especially with this marketing tagline:

“She likes how he blogs, her texts turn him on. It’s intense. For right now.”

CK trademarked the word “technosexual” in hopes of creating buzz (and sales) for in2u. What they’ve done instead is make a mockery of the house of Calvin Klein. It could have been worse. They could have called it CK LOL or better yet, CK WTF.

Source: International Herald Tribune