Tech bling bling
So you have one of those Swarovski laptops, a blinged mobile phone and the matching fake crystal earrings, but it just isn’t enough kitsch for you? Sad, but you can now get even more of this insanely kitschy stuff in the shape of a USB drive.

This takes the cake in terms of ritzy USB drives. Relatively conservative Phillips joined forces with a top name in the glitz industry, Swarovski, and kick out a couple of very superfluous devices. The duo is announcing the Active Crystals collection of 1GB USB drives (and sparklin’ headphones, too) onto the fashion-conscience world, and aside from sporting a variety of crystal-clad exteriors, they’re pretty vanilla everywhere else. Of course, I doubt these will be straying too far from the velvet bag you’ll surely tote it around in, and using this out in the mad, mad world probably isn’t advisable, but you can still make the lady friend in your life joyous by handing her one of these yet-not-priced luxuries come August.

Source: ShinyShiny