This is a good day to own a Wii.

First up, perhaps many of you saw that spectacular glow this morning on your Wii’s disc slot and found yourself hypnotized. Upon battling your way out of hypnosis, update your system and then make your way to the Wii Shop Channel as the final version of the Wii Opera browser is released.

Some features includes:

  • Parental Controls
  • Better zooming and scrolling
  • Better looking zoom text
  • Quicker start times
  • Easier access to “favorites”
  • An ability to hide the toolbar
  • Buttons that will instantly type common preset letters, such as “www” or “.com”
  • Built-in Yahoo! or Google Search
  • Multiple cursor display

This is a major improvement over the beta released late last year. Make sure you do it before June, or it’ll cost you 500 points to get your YouTube fix.

Secondly, in the four page interview with Greek news site Contra.gr, George Katrinakis, CEO of Greek Nintendo distributor Nortec Multimedia, reveals some interesting information about two previously unknown Wii games.

He talks about Wii Music, a game that sounds remarkably similar to the conductor demo shown at last year’s E3. In addition to the general Wii-remote-as-conductor’s-baton control shown at the demo, Katrinakis reveals that Wii Music players will be able to take control of specific musicians and send saved compositions to other Wii users.


Katrinakis goes on to describe Health Pack, a Wii game that will lead the player in various exercises. Sounds kind of basic, until Katrinakis adds that the game will collect biometric data and send it to local hospitals (contracted by Nintendo) through a Wii channel. According to Katrinakis, this data will be processed by the hospital and sent back as a home check up a few hours later. No word on how the data will be collected or processed, but the idea sounds ambitious if nothing else.

It should be noted that this information comes from a rough translation, and that the information is coming not from Nintendo but from a Greek distributor who might be in a position to know about future releases. Still, if the interview is to be believed, we can expect both these titles by the end of the year.

Source: Opera for Nintendo
More info: Joystiq.com