For those working as a web professional will know what I’m talking about when they read the excerpt below.

Whenever you hear someone mention “engaging user experience”, run. All too often “creating an engaging user experience” on the Web means filling the site with enough pointless Flash bling-bling and/or library-based JavaScript effects to completely ruin any chances of the user actually getting anything done. People who talk a lot about creating a good user experience are more often than not completely clueless about usability and interaction design. Ironic, isn’t it?

– Taken from a rant by Roger Johanasson, a Swedish web professional.

I now cringe every time I hear the words “engaging user experience”. Brilliant rant! I experience this way too often, and cheers to my coworker that sent this rant to me. You made my day.

Source: Lame excuses for not being a Web professional