Just when EMI and Apple got in the sack, the EU is back to ruin the party. The European Commission officially accused Apple as well as the “Big 4” music labels of anti-competitive practices; stating that the nationalized approach to their iTunes store is restricting choices for the consumer. Online shoppers can only purchase content from the store in their home country with the British having to suffer the highest fees at 79p or $1.56 per song — ouch! When questioned about this issue, Apple quickly shifted blame to the labels by stating through a spokesman that Apple “has always wanted to operate a single, pan-European iTunes store, accessible by anyone from any member state, but music labels and publishers expressed legal and copyright concerns.” Apple now have two months to deal with this probe before getting fined for violating EU competition rules.

Maybe the EU is what’s needed to push Apple into just having one international store where I can finally purchase any digital content from whatever country. But until that time arrives, guess I’ll have to continue jumping through all the current loopholes to get what I want.

More info: AppleInsider