Sony Ericsson 660i

Like a breath of fresh air, Sony Ericsson recently launched the W660i, where its back face has an elaborate, intricate and rather classical floral relief on it. While most consumer electronics have followed Apple’s footsteps in minimalistic design, it’s nice to see that others have taken the risk to try something on the other end of the spectrum. While a lot of white space and simplistic design is good at times, it can get a bit montonous when everything around me became just flat, blank pieces.

It turns out that great features and specifications isn’t the best selling point for new cellular phones right now. Manufacturing great looking cellular phones means better sales. This fact is obviously shown in the recent J.D. Power and Associates Evaluation Study of Consumer Satisfaction Rankings Survey which put physical design as the most important key factor for consumer satisfaction. So, I am not surprised that Sony Ericsson went ahead to launch this phone where the motif is actually molded into the piece; and if the consumer want to have a fully customizable faceplate with printed designs stickers according to lifestyle preferences, the absolutely gorgeous W43s flip phone announced last year can also fill that niche.